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Thursday, November 24, 2011


Cost : 1-2 Billion Dollars
Owner : Mukesh Ambani
Location : Mumbai
Floor Count : 27
Main contractor : Leighton Holdings
Architect : Perkins & Wills 
Construction started : 2007
Completed : 2010
The home will include :
-Parking space for 168 cars
-Vehicle maintenance facility
-5 elevators
-1 helipad
-Health spa, yoga studio, small theatre with a seating capacity for 50 on the eighth floor,
 multiple swimming pools, three floors of hanging gardens, and a ballroom
-An ice room infused with man-made snow flurries

Villa Leopolda
Cost : 525 million Dollars
Owner : King Leopold II of Belgium
Built in : 1902 
The home  include :
-19 bedroom villa
-sports courts, a bowling alley, multiple kitchens, dining rooms and a movie theatre

One Hyde Park
Cost : 200 million Dollars
Owner :  Project Grande (Guernsey) Limited (PGGL)
Location : London
Construction started : 2007
Completed : 2010 (rumoured)
The penthouse include :
- SAS guard, bullet proof windows, iris scanners, panic rooms,
 a secret tunnel to the nearby Mandarin Hotel, spas, squash courts and wine tasting rooms,
 and the penthouse is served by 24 hour room service

Fairfield Pond
Cost : 170 million Dollars
Owner : Ira Rennert
Location : America
The home include : 
-29 bedroom beachfront home
-39 bathrooms
- 5 sports courts, a bowling alley and a $150,000 hot tub

Hearst Mansion
Cost : 165 million dollars
Built in : 1919 by William Randolph Hearst
Owner : Leonard Ross (since 1976)
Location : Beverly Hills
The mansions include :
 - 29 bedrooms
-three swimming pools, tennis courts, its own cinema and a nightclub

Franchuk Villa
Cost : 161 million
Owner : Elena Franchuk
Location : London’s Kensington Palace Gardens
The home include :
-5 story property
-10 bedrooms
-panic room
-underground swimming pool, gym, sauna and cinema

The Pinnacle, Montana
Cost : 155 million
Owner :  Tim and Edra Blixseth
Location : Montana
The home include :
-10 bedrooms
-the driveway is heated from underground pipes
-every bathroom has its own fireplace and if that wasn't enough every single tile in the place is heated also

The Manor
Cost : 150 million dollars
Owner : Petra Ecclestone (since June 2011)
Location : Los Angeles
Built : 1988 by Aaron Spelling
Architect : James Langenheim & Associates
The chateau-style mansion include :
-123 rooms
-screening room, gym, bowling alley, three rooms for wrapping presents, 
car garages, tennis court, and pool

Updown Court
Cost : 139 million dollars
Owner :  Leslie Allen-Vercoe
Location : England
Construction : 2002-2006
Architect : John B. Scholz
The home include :
-103 rooms
- a heated marble driveway, a helipad, 58 acres of gardens and woodland and numerous indoor spas and Jacuzzis including 5 swimming pools
-underground garage with floors made of granite that can hold up to 8 limos

Dracula's Castle
Cost : 135 million dollars
Owner :  Archduke Dominic Habsburg
Location : Romania
Built in : 14th century
The castle include : 
- 57 rooms
-filled with antiques and historical artefacts


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