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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Model Victoria's Secret tahun 1979 (16 gambar)

Lingerie memory lane: With the seventies perms, overly blushed cheekbones and heavy decor, this 1979 Victoria's Secret catalogue is virtually unrecognisable

Gambar-gambar lama model Victoria Secret (VS) ini diambil daripada sebuah katalog berusia 32 tahun.Model-model VS ini berkulit tan dengan mekap pada bahagian tulang pipi yang terserlah dan bergaya dalam peragaan fesyen pakaian dalam dan baju tidur tahun 70-an.

Looking back: The catalogue is an intriguing example of how much the lingerie business has changed

Real women: The most noticeable difference between these catalogues and today's, is the use of photoshop - or lack thereof in 1979

Without photoshop: The model's faces are shiny, their boobs sag, and in some cases you can see nipples underneath their sheer bra - in other words, how one might actually look in the lingerie

Vintage: The Victoria's Secret catalogue is now the domain of airbrushed supermodels, but it was once a place where young ladies lounged together in bed, read books to each other, and chatted in front of still life paintings

Beauty ideals: Despite the awkward poses, the old catalogue shows how a woman might actually look wearing the garments advertised, rather than depicting a mostly unattainable beauty ideal for women, as seen in the catalogues today

Dua gambar di bawah menunjukkan gambar model VS zaman sekarang!

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