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Thursday, January 24, 2013

9 Barang Pelik yang dijual di eBay (9 gambar)

 1. Beg untuk iPhone yang boleh memuatkan 4GB & 8GB

2. Alamat GMAIL 'hottest' untuk iPhone 3G 2.0
(We're not sure who's worse: The person who auctioned off an Gmail address and pictured iPhones, or the people who bid on it.)

3. Jampi untuk jadi Pontianak Abadi

4. 867-5309

5. Stokin lama pemain ski 

6. Dating dengan lelaki PELIK
(When it comes to Internet dating, this guy is more honest than the lot of them. He just charges money for his honesty.)

7. Jual mainan kegemaran anak sebagai denda
(When these kids ruined their bathtub by playing too hard in it (i.e. normal kid activities), their parents did the logical thing: sold their toys on eBay to pay for the damage. Hope they're not too surprised when the kids surf Craigslist for nursing homes one day.)

8. Hosni Mubarak
(Until it was pulled down, you could buy your very own ousted Egyptian dictator for the right price.)

9. Grafik kalkulator

source: huffingtonpost.com

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