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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gambar dan video tanpa edit Dakota Rose si Barbie Cun

Dakota re-uploaded this video to her blog with entire scenes cut out, and other video edits. She does not want you to see the whole video, which aired on national Japanese television anyway. She is also claiming the rights to this video. Silly Dakota, you do not own the rights to this.
Comments disabled.
Unlike Dakota, I do not have the time to sit here approving/disapproving comments all day. Why were comments moderated in the first place? Dakota Ostrenga, Kirsten Ostrenga, Cathy Ostrenga, and Scott Ostrenga have been publishing the private information of unrelated parties as well as harassing other users. I don't have the time to babysit the Ostrengas.
- kata-kata di atas diambil daripada pengupload ideo ini!
Bagi aku Dakota Rose masih cute cuma agak tembam wajahnya sebelum video dan gambar-gambarnya diedit!

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